Séminaire du 12/12/2019

Abhinandan (IMB) : « Etale fundamental groups »

Abstract :

In topology, the notions of fundamental group and finite covers are very well connected. In fact, for a topological space S, the automorphism group of the fiber functor from the category of finite coverings of S to sets is isomorphic to the profinite completion of the fundamental group of S. In the 1960s, A. Grothendieck adapted this point of view to algebraic geometry by considering finite étale covers of schemes and defined the fundamental group for (connected) schemes. This generalization, when specialized to the case of fields, is the well-known Galois theory for fields. In this talk, after recalling basic definitions and results from topology and Galois theory, we will discuss the étale fundamental group for a (connected, affine) scheme.