Séminaire du 30/01/2020

Samy Labsir (IMS, Université de Bordeaux) : « Recursive parameters estimation of a cluster of space debris by filtering on Lie groups »

Abstract :

This work addresses the problem of tracking a cluster of space debris sufficiently close to each other to be considered as a single extended object. State-of-the-art random-matrix methods estimate the kinematics of the object shape and centroid by assuming that its shape is elliptic and that the observations are randomly distributed within this ellipsoid. However, space debris, whose motion is driven by the gravitational force, spread out into a « banana »-like-shaped cluster. 

We propose a novel Lie-group based parameterization to intrinsically capture the « banana »-like shape. More precisely, we first formulate the centroid and shape tracking problem as filtering on Lie groups. Then, we derive an iterated extended Kalman filter on Lie groups to perform jointly the shape and centroid estimation of cluster.